The Other Colours in Lavender Fields

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When I visited Valensole to have a nice weekend and train my photography skills, I had this idea in my head that I’ll come home with those beautiful purple pictures I’ve seen on Pinterest. I even bought a Lensbaby to get really close to the purple flowers.

But then I stood there next to a huge blue lavender field and was fascinated by this yellow flower. A small common flower I wouldn't have noticed if I'd saw it somewhere else. Although something so common, the contrast of purple let it shine up. 

More and more I appreciated all the other colours. The red dots created by poppies. The shimmer of green lavender. Trees glowing in yellow in the evening sun. 

This post doesn't contain any recommendation. I just wanted to show you how I descried the Provence and who knows, maybe it inspires you to watch out for the different. 

Beauty surrounds us, but it takes more than open eyes to see it. It takes an open mind to find it in the unexpected places, and an open heart to appreciate it.
— Aaron Baker

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