Wash Your Laundry in 3 Minutes While Travelling

washing clothes while traveling

Did you just take your last clean shirt out of your backpack? I guess you'd rather spend your evening in a bar or reading a book than washing your laundry. I'll tell you how I wash my clothes outdoors or in a hotel in only 3 minutes.


What You Need

  • A light dry bag

    Take a light dry bag with you. On the road, it keeps your electronics dry, or it prevents your dirty laundry from spreading a bad smell in your backpack. It does not have to be a specific washing bag, in a matter of fact those are just heavy and bulky. A small dry bag works equally well and dries quickly after using it for washing. And in case you have no other use for it afterwards, it won't take much space in your luggage.
  • The right soap

    If you’re outdoors, please use an eco-shampoo or a natural cleanser. I prefer a liquid soap which I also use for cleaning the dishes or washing my hair. Biodegradable soap is not poisoning the soil or water, but still, you should not use it directly in a water source. Go a few steps away from the river or pond.

    If you are in a hotel (with a sewage water system), take an antibacterial bar of soap. You can rub the bar directly on the smelliest parts of your wet shirts. Or use your hair shampoo if you travel light. 
  • A place to hang it up

    Outdoors I use a rope with integrated slits. This rope makes it very easy to hang up a hammock or to hog-tie a boat. When using it as a washing line, you can tuck your socks through those holes, and they stay there even on draughty days. On a road trip, you can fix a line at the sides in the back of your car

    In a hotel room, there are other places to hang wet clothes like a chair, a window sash or a door.


Washing Your Clothes

  1. fill your dry bag with water and dissolve the soap
  2. put your clothes and knead it for a minute
  3. drain only the liquid
  4. put fresh water in it
  5. knead and shake it
  6. squeeze the water out of the bag
  7. wring your clothes out
  8. or roll the wet shirt tightly in a towel
  9. hang up your clothes and dry bag

That's it! Your clothes will smell fresh again. Don't wash too many pieces at a time. Washing your clothes by hand is only painstaking if you have heaps of dirty laundry. I prefer to clean just one or two shirts, then its done in no time. And you always find space to hang it up. When I travel with my boyfriend, we split the work: I'm washing, and he wrings out the clothes. If you're travelling for longer, it's a good idea to use a proper washing machine from time to time.   


Let Clothes Dry Faster

  • pack clothes with a light fabric
  • use fleece for your warm clothing
  • natural wool is an excellent material; it won't smell
  • wring your clothes out properly before hanging them up
  • choose a sunny, windy and dry place to dry your clothes


Another Tip For You Ladies

If you sometimes fight with a bladder infection, be careful with cleaning your underwear. Bacterias are the primary source of it, and dirty water is not helping. Use drinking water and if you can, boil it first. For one panty you only need one cup of hot water. Be warned; the dry bag can get damaged. If you make it an evening routine to wash one piece before going to bed, than you can travel light with only three pairs of underware. 

That's how I clean my stuff. Tell me in the comments section below how you wash your clothes on a trip!



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