What is an RSS Feed?


What is It?

It is a data format. News or blog pages like mine provide an RSS Feed. You can subscribe to my feed with an external online program or app. The app lists new posts as soon as they’re published. You can make this with my blog and other websites. Such an app is called aggregator. This app lists the latest news of all your favourite blog-sites.



Why Should I Use It?

The RSS feed keeps you up to date every time new content is published. It makes it easy to keep track of new posts from different websites. Compared to an e-mail list it is anonymous, the only record I have of you as a subscriber is an IP address.


How to Find an Aggregator?

On this website, you find a lot of programs to choose: https://alternativeto.net/software/google-reader/ I use the free Feedly app on my phone. 

How Do I Subscribe?

  1. Click on my RSS-Link below after you read this instruction
  2. A new window opens
  3. Copy the URL address and insert it in your aggregator-app
  4. Or use ‚subscribe now!‘
  5. Done!